Exam and taxes: + €187


Management of boats up to 24 meters in length and jet skis.
Navigation up to 150 miles from the coast and inter-island navigation in the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.


Be over 18 years old.
Have the title of Skipper of Recreational Boats (PER).
Official medical certificate issued by a Driver Recognition Center (CRC).
Pass the official theoretical exam and accredit the safety and sailing practices if applicable.

Special discounts

Members of the Windward Sailing Club 12%
EN Cara al Vent alumni and relatives 8%
For 2 simultaneous registrations 5%
For 3 simultaneous registrations 8%
Discounts not cumulative
Discounts applicable on the tariff price without taxes
Discounts valid for courses and official practices
Discounts not applicable in special offers
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