Caralvent - Escola Nàutica Entertainment Vilassar de Mar Barcelona

Environmental commitment

We contribute our grain of sand for the preservation of the Environment, we defend responsible consumption and we collaborate with associations and local entities that share our values.

Certification of international recognition that guarantees that entities dedicated to tourism and leisure, sports or cultural activities comply with the requirements of sustainability and
continuous improvement, guaranteeing the balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions.

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Project that promotes activities around the Port of Arenys, emphasizing training and research
around Arenyas' nautical heritage and history and also its maritime activity.
The Flock

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Nautical Studies Center of Vilassar de Mar
Non-profit cultural association, founded in 1999, which works to recover i
to promote the maritime culture of the Maresme and, especially, that of Vilassar de Mar.
San Ramón

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Superacció is a non-profit initiative made up of professionals in their fields of activity who, selflessly, get involved so that this project can be carried out.

A constant program of activities, all of them related to physical and artistic activity, are the ways that, with the help of specialists in each sector who help, on the one hand to break stereotypes, and on the other to participate in the growth and of the adaptation of these young people from different conditions and cultures.

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disability card
Benefits in the form of discounts for people with a disability card.

It allows people with a legally recognized disability, and with habitual residence in Catalonia, to accredit their degree of disability in a quick and practical way. It is a public, personal and non-transferable document, which must be accompanied by a DNI or NIE, with a unique format for all types of disability.


Accessible tourism has become one of the Agency's main strategic lines
Catalan Tourism. Currently, Catalonia is a reference destination for tourism
accessible in the Spanish State, with more than 1,100 tourist resources that have facilities for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or special needs.
In this sense, Catalonia has worked in recent years to remove barriers
architectural and communication in order to convert the main attraction spaces into
barrier-free products for those with disabilities. It is a social right for everyone, which contributes
benefits from the point of view of identifying the quality of
the tourist offer.

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The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic was established in October 2013 with the vocation to convert
nautical activity in one of the engines of the city's economy, its area
metropolitan area and the country, taking advantage of the existence of a sector where industry, companies, entities and research centers converge with a high potential to generate wealth and added value.
The mission of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster is to favor and promote the development of economic and business activities that boost the competitiveness of the nautical sector and allow the generation of wealth and high-level employment.

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Aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable development, and assuming the principles and objectives specifically adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, COP 21 and the World Charter of Sustainable Tourism + 20, at CARA AL VENT we undertake to carry out a sustainable management of our activities, adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of facilities and activities, both internal and external, as well as optimizing sustainability by improving our behavior with the environment.

In the same sense, our entity has adopted the following Policy Responsible for nautical activities, through which it undertakes to comply with the requirements established in the accession to the BIOSPHERE, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements which regulate the effects generated by the activity.

We also aim to motivate and train our staff with training and awareness-raising actions, promote good environmental practices in the environment and participate in external activities, and report both internally and externally on the company's environmental progress and actions.

In the same way, our establishment expresses its express commitment to the fight against sexual exploitation or any other form of commercial exploitation and harassment, and we undertake to adopt universal accessibility measures.

One of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management, making commitments to continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction. To this end, projects for future expansion of facilities or activities will be subject to criteria of sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources.

This Responsible Policy for nautical activities will be updated whenever circumstances require it, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability objectives.

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