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At Caralvent we understand the Nautical School as the gateway to the maritime world. We do this by closely and personally accompanying the student, also giving them the opportunity to, with the Sailing Club, end up being our fellow student.
We aim to gather around us everyone who wants to sail and get to know the marine environment in its entirety, sharing knowledge and experiences.


We want to become a point of reference within nautical leisure by combining fun and awareness, promoting and facilitating access for people attracted to the sea, with the dissemination of good habits to conserve the environment through consolidated social programs and deepening with our commitment to sustainability and feminization of the sea.


Customer orientation: We discover, understand and consolidate the needs of our customers, establish honest, sincere relationships, with close and respectful treatment.
Respect for the Environment: Commitment to the environment, minimizing the environmental impact of our actions and contributing to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity.
Respect for people: he is committed to appropriate and stable personal relationships, in a framework of equality.
Innovation and research: developing ideas to improve the service we provide to society and technological innovation.

Collect, Recycle

responsible navigation
Upon arrival at port, pour the generated trash into the appropriate container.

Help pick up and clean up at the end of practice.


responsible navigation
Have fun in a responsible and sustainable way

Share the experience of sailing with your colleagues, respecting the sea the experience will be better!

Get ready

responsible navigation
Pay attention during theory classes

The theoretical content of the course will prepare you to live safe, sustainable and incredible experiences at sea.


responsible navigation
Find out where you're going and what you'll need

To minimize surprises and have everything you need, prepare everything you might need on the boat in advance.

Commitment and responsibility towards the environment.

  • Do not throw anything into the sea.
  • Navigate with sustainability criteria.
  • Take advantage of natural light.
  • Disconnect unnecessary devices.
  • On a ship, fresh water is a scarce commodity: Use water responsibly.
  • If leaks, drips or any anomaly are detected on the boat, notify the person in charge.
  • Check the boat's engine before leaving port.
  • Try not to generate waste.
  • Apply the selective collection of waste.
  • Take advantage of sailing to stop or lower the engine rpm.

Certification of international recognition that guarantees that entities dedicated to tourism and leisure, sports or cultural activities comply with the requirements of sustainability and
continuous improvement, guaranteeing the balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions.

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